Sheryl Fisher, Artist

Next  time you go out in a public place, try people watching. It's amazing how you can instantly pick up on how strangers are feeling by observing their facial expressions and postures. Everyone gives off vibes that reveal their attitudes and temperament. 

As a figurative painter, I try to capture the personality and particular mood that my character is expressing. In the musician series, the performers exude emotions. I enjoyed listening to 'their' music while painting them, hoping to evoke the impression of the piece. In the mime series, it's obvious what is being demonstrated... but don't you wonder what is really going on behind that mask?

The next series I'm working on is Women With Attitude. Now that's a prolific subject! I invite you to send me a photo of someone that you think would be a good character candidate for this series. The quirkier the better. You may find it in my next collection. Meanwhile, I'm going out people watching - women with attitude in particular.

Sheryl studied art in college and has attended various workshops.  Since moving to Victoria a few years ago, and having more time,  she has focused on her art. Most of her paintings are inspired by her love of music.  She appreciates those who play well, having had the experience of learning to play the cello.  Some of the images in the music series are of people who she played with in orchestra or who she knows from the music community she was a part of.