Sheryl Fisher

To me, it's as visually stimulating and intriguing to see expressive musicians and their instruments interact with each other and with the audience, as it is to listen to the music.  I love catching the glances they share, facial expressions and body gestures, and all the other nuances in their musical dialogue.  I often paint while listening to the genre of music that the artist I'm depicting is playing.  Can you sense the energy and mood, maybe even hear the music while viewing this body of work?

Sheryl studied art in college and has attended various workshops.  Since moving to Victoria a few years ago, and having more time,  she has focused on her art. This series is inspired by her love of music.  She appreciates those who play well, having the experience of learning to play the cello.  Some of the images in this series are of people who she played with in orchestra or who she knows in the music community she was a part of. 

Represented by:

Gage Gallery, Victoria BC